Alms International 2016 Highlights


Alms donated a basketball DVD series to help train Admiral’s Basketball Academy staff and coaches in a systematic way. This will allow all of the students who are trained by Admiral’s Basketball to get the same, consistent teaching across the country. Admirals Basketball shares the gospel with young people, through their basketball academy.


Moved the Alms International food and clothing distribution center to a new location. This location is a bigger storefront which will allow Alms to serve more people each month. Hundreds of Holocaust survivors, immigrants, single mothers with children, widows and orphans are being served monthly.

Alms provided financial assistance to Messianic pastors in Israel, holocaust survivors in Israel cities, and to single mothers with children.

Educational Scholarships

Alms issued its first scholarships by way of the Success Through Education scholarship fund. Recipients were given financial assistance to the college of their choice.

Navajo Indian Tribe

Alms funded work with the Navajo Indians, providing food and financial assistance to some tribal youth and adults. Alms sought financial assistance and help for a church, building project in Shiprock, Arizona. Alms developed new opportunities to expand ministry to the Navajo in 2017.


Alms continued its work of providing finanacial assistnace to some people in Ecuador. Funds were provided for surgery, medicine and humanitarian aid.


Alms provided financial assistance to provide training for pastors in Nepal. Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake and it is of upmost importance to offer hope to the people of Nepal. The pastors who were trained, will offer the hope of the gospel, to their communities in the coming years.

Alms-Israel Tour

Alms Internatonal planned and put together its first ministry tour of Israel. It will be called the Blessing Israel Tour and it is scheduled for June 3-14, 2017. The country of Israel is under attack by the U.N. and many other nations around the world. We want to show our unity and support for Israel by taking people on a tour of Israel to show our support for Israel. You can sign up for this trip by going to

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