God has opened incredible doors for Alms to do ministry in Asia. The gospel is being shared in villages and at crusades, and tens of thousands of people are turning from idol worship and placing their faith in Jesus Christ. We are simply stunned by this move of the Holy Spirit.

Alms is feeding and clothing the poor in these countries. Orphans and widows are being cared for. Bibles are being bought and given away. We will continue to offer the hope of the gospel to hundreds of poor villages.

Despite all the political and religious challenges in Asia, we have been able to provide Biblical leadership training on evangelism and discipleship to many pastors. We have numerous village pastors that we are supporting financially. We are getting them the resources that they need to do the ministry work in their country.

As God provides, we will continue to support the humanitarian and evangelical work, in Asia, that is so desperately needed there. We thank you for praying for and supporting this important work, as we complete the Great Commission and care for the Least of These that Jesus loves so very much.

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