ALMs in Israel

Alms In Israel

Helping Holocaust Survivor

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ALMs spent time with Holocaust survivors and the homeless, as well as some amazing young people. Alms has been active in Israel for the past few years.   We have a food and clothing distribution center in Ashdod, where we serve Holocaust survivors, new immigrants to Israel, single mothers with children, and the needy.   Each month, hundreds of people are helped by the work that we do in the distribution center.    We are planning to add additional distribution centers, in other cities in Israel and to begin offering financial support, as we raise funds for these new endeavors. Did you know that one out of every three children in Israel, go to bed hungry each night?   We will help as many of them as we are able. Anti-Semitism is increasing, at an alarming rate, all over the world.   As a result, many Jews are moving to Israel, to escape the persecution they experience in many countries.   This is creating a humanitarian crisis, where many new immigrants simply come to Israel, with the clothes they have on their back.  We are providing clothing for their families and we provide sacks of food for them, as they begin their new lives in Israel.  Immigrants are starting a new life in Israel, in poverty, and we want to help them. Holocaust survivors have long been neglected in Israel.   The government provides some financial support, but it is not enough.   Rent on their apartments is sky rocketing.   As a result, many of the Holocaust survivors can’t afford to buy food or their medicines.  As we visit them, in their apartments, they share their stories of often having to chose between buying their food or medicines each week, because they don’t have enough money for both.   Alms is raising funds to help as many of the survivors as possible.   They have suffered so much in their lifetimes. Will you consider partnering with us to support our work in Israel?   The need is so great!  Jesus said, “as you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me.”

Alms International distribution center - Israel

Alms Israel - food staples for distribution