Vacation Bible School at the Navajo reservation

Thank you to USA Youth Outreach for sponsoring the work at Pinon, AZ again this year. USAYO provides the funding to do VBS, bring in the band Nine Lashes, and the guest speaker – William Green, and all the work that is done with the Navajo people. We enjoying working with USAYO, as we serve Christ together! Below, is a report of what happened this year.

We always love going to Pinon, Arizona, and serving the people that live there. This year we had Vacation Bible school, guest speaker William Green, and concerts by Nine Lashes.

Vacation Bible school was fantastic! Over 80 kids came daily. We had Julie Jefferson entertain us with an ventriloquist act….the kids and adults loved it. Nine Lashes was involve in basketball, games and Bible time. Lastly, William Green’s kids help lead the kids in crafts.
Julie JeffersonWe fed the children every day a meal before the Nine Lashes concert. They needed all the energy for jumping up and down to the rocking music.

William Green inspired everyone with his feats of strength and amazing testimony.

In addition, to the great work USAYO does with the Navajo, there are so many other needs that Alms International would like you to help with, to enhance the lives of these amazing people: They need school supplies for the children, funds to continue and expand VBS, concerts, and speakers to the Navajo people. We also need funds to lead a basketball camp for the youth. We would love to be able to bring coaches and speakers and have a camp just for the teens of several Navajo communities. There is also Pastor Herman Harrison, of Shiprock, NM, that needs help completing his church building, so he can grow his church, and hopefully, in the future, host a VBS.

Navajo girl

girls arms raised