Listen Up!

A few years ago, I went on a mission trip to Fiji. I went to do some prison ministry and to do some construction projects. Others, from around the U.S., also came and we all stayed in a house together.

We had devotionals each morning and evening, and each one of us shared or made comments, during our time together. Some were very touching. Some guys spoke of the pain and hardships in their lives.

One man was totally silent. He sat there for days without saying anything. Then one day, he spoke and shared of the heartache and depression that he was going through. He spoke of how he just stayed in bed, for months at a time, even though he was married and had job responsibilities. He shared of how he felt mistreated at work and that he was treated poorly by his supervisor.

He shared of how he had been through hundreds of counseling sessions, that were designed to help him come out of his depression and back to society. He said that some of the group sessions were helpful, but through it all, he learned one, invaluable lesson.

I asked him what that was. He said, “I learned to become a “World Class Listener.” He learned to be quiet and really focus on what someone else was trying to say; to really listen to another person and hear what was on their heart.

This man had many issues to work through and he eventually lost his job, where he had been employed when I met him. Yet, I know that God took me all the way to Fiji, to hear that man speak those words.

God, is a World Class Listener. He is the best listener of all time.

He says, in James 1:19

This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.

The trip to Fiji taught me a great lesson. So often, I want to speak and be heard by others. I now want to listen more and talk less.

How about you? Do you sometimes speak too quickly and not listen like you should?

Starting today, let’s make it a priority, to become WORLD CLASS LISTENERS.

Look up my friends. THEE KING is coming for you soon!!! Until then, serve Him where He has you at this time!

Wishing all of you a blessed and amazing day!

a ragamuffin for Christ

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