Our Mission

Alms International was born out of a concern for the poor, orphans, widows and aliens. It has been our desire to serve the people of the world who are struggling to have food to eat, clothes to wear, and sufficient money to pay their bills.

Alms International offers hope to a hurting world. We partner with individuals and foundations to provide humanitarian aid and financial assistance to disadvantaged people. Some people are born into poverty and others plunge into poverty, when an unforeseen disaster strikes.

At Alms, we want to be obedient to Jesus’ commands to serve the Least of These. We do this, with your help, by getting aid to those who need it most. Whether it is meeting the ongoing needs of the poor or providing disaster relief, due to an earthquake, tornado, tsunami, or to war-stricken area, we want to respond and meet the needs, of as many people around the world as possible.

We also want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, with a lost and hurting world! Yes, with your continued support, Alms International will continue its mission to reach out and bring Hope and Help, to people who are crying out for assistance, all over the world!

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