Serving the Least of These in Pakistan

Alms International is helping to feed children in Pakistan who are orphans or who are slaves in brickyards.

Sadly, many children are forced to make bricks six days a week. They often have to work ten hour days, in extreme heat.

These kids will likely never be able to go to school or be able to pay the brickyard owner the amount needed to secure their freedom. We must never forget them.

If you would like to donate to help support these children, click on the link below:

We are grateful for our ministry partners who go and feed them. They teach them the Bible, pray with them and sing Christian songs. They offer the children hope and encouragement that are found in Christ.

We love these precious children and all the others around the world. So many live in very difficult situations.

Jesus is Coming Soon. Are you ready?

I love you all.

Ken Bailey

Author of – The End is Now Coming

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