Alms International exists to serve those Jesus called “the least of these” in the US and around the world.


When you partner with us, you…

Provide food, clothing medicine and financial support for Holocaust survivors and immigrants in Israel. You feed and clothe the poor and hungry, the oldest and youngest. We are eager to open additional distribution centers around Israel to expand this practical humanitarian expression of the love of God.

Food bank Israel


When you partner with us, you…

Pave the way to the hearts of the largest and poorest people group in the US, the Navajo Indians. You feed the young at basketball camps and Vacation Bible School. You bring the Gospel message through concerts. You create scholarships to vocational schools and colleges.


When you partner with us, you…

You help purchase Bibles and Christian Literature for worldwide distribution. You feed and provide clothing for orphans in Africa, South America, and around the world.

Through these endeavors, together we carry out Christ’s commands to serve the least of these and the great commission. Your presence, your prayers and your tax deductible gifts make it happen.


Ken Bailey, Pastor Ray and His wife, Agnes, with food supplies for the Navajo

Thank you!

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