The Miracles in Ukraine Continue

God has answered our prayers once again! Our ministry friends in Ukraine have been able to go and buy food and aid and take it back to the Kiev area. 

This is a dangerous mission, deep into the heart of Ukraine! Our Ukrainian ministers our risking their lives to help those who have no food to eat or aid!!!

Because of your prayers, they have been able to get around Russian troops and tanks and deliver critical food and supplies! On this trip, they have also been able to buy medicines for those who can’t get them anywhere else.

Look at the pictures and some of the comments they sent! Here is one comment that really touched my heart: “People were amazed when we told them that they don’t have to pay for them, because it’s a blessing from God, who opened hearts of many Christians to help Ukrainians now.”

If you feel led by God to help them, click on this link to support our work inside Ukraine:

I will continue to bring you updates as I receive them. Please continue to pray that God will protect them and lead them to those He wants them to minister to.

I want to thank each of you that are praying for them and supporting them, during this humanitarian crisis, due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine!

I love you all.

Ken Bailey

Founder of Alms International

Bringing food and aid to the Kiev, Ukraine area.

Bringing medicine to the elderly.

Helping the widows and elderly with food and medicine.
So happy to receive aid in Ukraine.

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