I’m Desperate for Christ

Law enforcement officials investigate a mass shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017. NICK WAGNER / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

How did it ever come to this? I ask myself this question this morning, as I look around me and see the world I now live in.

How did the world become so evil, where men become so evil, so possessed by Satan, that they take guns and go shoot up people at a concert, or walk into a church and shoot innocent people who are worshiping God? How does a man take a truck and run over people who are riding their bikes or walking along the road?

What have we become? What is happening in this world that I find myself in?

Truth is that we are living in a totally evil world. EVIL! Oh that word EVIL!!!!

There is evil all around us. We’ve lost our way as a society! We have abandoned God for pleasure and materialism. We live to please our flesh!

We’ve lost our moral compass. WE’VE LOST TRUTH! Now almost everyone does what they want and we go our own way, saying there are no laws, there is no right or wrong.

I’m desperate today! I’m desperate for Christ to return; desperate for Him to end the nightmare, of this world that sin has ruined. I’m desperate for Him to stir the hearts of men and women and boys and girls, for one final revival.

I want one final revival to occur, around the world, and then I want Christ to usher in a world without sin. Christ is the only one who can bring law and order, peace, purity and justice to our world. He is the only truth!!!

I realize Satan knows his time is short and so I believe it is likely, that we’ll see more death and carnage in the days ahead. Christ said it would come to this – that people would become lovers of themselves, focused on pleasure and that lawlessness would increase.

I will continue to occupy until Christ comes for me. I will pray and serve. I will weep when I see the face of evil, as we have seen in Las Vegas, New York and Sutherland Springs.

Oh my friends, I am desperate for Christ! Desperate to share Him with others, before it is too late for them and they spend eternity apart from Him.

I am desperate to awake a sleeping church, who has gotten comfortable and is not out spreading the gospel of Christ. A body of believers trying to make this earth a playground, instead of realizing it is a battleground. Trying to make this life heaven on earth, instead of reporting for duty and charging towards the gates of hell.

Oh, I am desperate this morning! May revival begin now! May Christians stand up and shout – ENOUGH!!!! I’ve had enough of this sin! May they say, “I’ve had enough of this world. I am dead to it and to me. I am going to live only for Christ, with every heartbeat I have left, and then I am going home.” Home to heaven! Home to be with my Jesus!

I’ve had enough of this world!


Ken Bailey
a ragamuffin for Christ

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